Saturday, May 31, 2008

Oversupply of Lawyers? This Recent Grad Would Say Yes!

A recent law graduate wrote to the Washington Post about a frustrating and unsuccessful search for a first job.

"I'm growing desperate,” the job seeker wrote. “I've sent out 330 résumés to the Hill, feds, nonprofits, trade associations, campaigns and law firms. I've even applied for bartending and waiting tables, only to be told I'm overqualified. What do I do?”

Career Tracks columnist Mary Ellen Slayter suggested the law grad needs to “think quality, not quantity” and focus on networking through professional associations or a school alumni group.

“Completing a single federal job application can take a full week, so I have a hard time believing you're putting the right level of effort behind pursuing jobs at carefully selected employers,” Slayter said.

Above the Law posted the exchange and offered its own comments, saying it wasn’t terribly impressed by Slayter’s advice. On the other hand, the blog said, it can’t think of better suggestions in what is shaping up to be a “grim” job market.

Some of the blog’s readers suggested seeking a contract job doing document review, applying for jobs in other geographic areas, and volunteering to work for a judge.

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