Saturday, April 4, 2015

When Do I Need a Worker's Comp Lawyer?

There are times you may be hurt on the job and you don't need a lawyer. Really. Sometimes your employer and their insurer will do the right thing and your claim will go quite smoothly. Othertimes, unfortunately it will not. My general rules of thumb as to whether or not you need a lawyer are: 1. Have you missed more than 3 consecutive days of work? If so, it is probably in your best interest to retain counsel to oversee your claim, get you a "voluntary agreement" and make sure your rights are protected. 2. Are you lookin at surgery? If yes, you need a lawyer. The insursance company is going to challenge your need for surgery, possibly force you to return to work sooner than you are able, or make you work harder following surgery than your doctor says you can. I repeat. If you are looking at surgery you need a lawyer. 3. Do you want to settle your case? If so, I promise you you will see more in your pocket if you hire an experienced and respected Connecticut worker's comp lawyer to negotiate a settlement. 4. If you dont live in Connecticut. If you are out of state and have a Connecticut claim, you need a lawyer. call me and I'll tell you why. For free. 5. You have more than one job. Concurrent employument is complicated. You need an experienced lawyer to get your wages from both jobs and make sure you get every penny you deserve. If you ever have any questions, call me. The call is free. If you need me and i can help you, I will tell you. If you dont need me, I promise you I will tell you that too.


Quin Trent said...

Knowing when it is that is the best time to get help from a workers compensation lawyer. There are times though that people may be hurt on the job and you don't need a lawyer, but other times they do. The times that people need a lawyer is when the person's employer and their insurer will do no do the right thing and take care of your claim smoothly. More likely than not though, you do not need to get help from one of these lawyers.

Keith Brady said...

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Toby Dennis said...

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