Monday, December 17, 2007

One Less For the Road, Lido...

In her Fall newsletter, the presiding Judge of Hartford's Community Court leaves no doubt as to her views on underage drinking: "it's a crime."

As we head in to the last few weeks of the holiday season in earnest, many temptations will arise to let your kids have a drink under certain social situations. Or worse, to turn a blind eye as they head out with a car load of friends for a night that you know in your heart of hearts will involve drinking.

In any given week I receive one or two calls from a parent whose child has been charged with DWI, or has been involved in an alcohol related accident. Sadly, the news that I have to deliver to the parent is often not encouraging. Connecticut looks quite seriously on alcohol related offenses involving minor children, and while there are legal strategies that can be employed to soften the blow, a DWI charge is rarely nolled these days.

Please do yourself and your child a favor. Tell them not to drink and drive this holiday season. Remind them not to get in a car with someone who has been drinking. Be a nag. Be a nudge. Be all those things you have to be and let them know you care.

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