Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lawyer Joke

Lawyer Joke!

Smiley_faceA man dies and goes directly to Hell. While he is milling around, he spots another man who he recognizes as a lawyer, and the lawyer is snuggling up to a beautiful woman.

"That's totally unfair!" he protests to the Devil. "I have to burin in Hell for all eternity, and that lawyer gets to spend it with a beautiful woman!"

"Silence!" barks the Devil, jabbing with his pitchform. "Who are you to question that woman's punishment?!"

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Santana Headed for Queens, not the Bronx

About the only thing that would have struck fear in my heart going into the 08-09 baseball season would have been the prospect of left handed ace Johan Santana in pinstripes. Thankfully, that does not appear to be coming to fruition as it appears he has inked a deal with the Mets.

As an added bonus, the Santana deal appears to set the stage for another season of "Elsbury and Elf" and "John Lester, Comeback Kid." Two of my ATF shows on Remy Vision.

Just when you think Man has Stooped as Low as he can go

This is truly a sad story on so many levels. The fact that the defendant is an attorney only makes the taste in my mouth that much worse.

Monday, January 28, 2008

A Man's Home is .... Losing Value?

As the Winter drones on, our colleagues at Findlaw are reporting that new home sales continue to drag.

This news, together with all the other water cooler gossip going on would lead you to believe this may be the end of the world as we know it. Fear Not! Sure, things have slowed down, but by and large I have not seen any wholesale drop in the Connecticut real estate market. Interest rates are very competitive and seller's are motivated. It's a good time to "back up the truck" as Peter Lynch is fond of of saying.

My point is this: it's all how you look at it. If you are selling, you may not make a killing, but your home will sell. Eventually.

If you are buying, smile, get a great rate, and call me so we can get your closing scheduled.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Department of the Obvious Department

I was rocked to my core as much as anyone by the unfathomable tragedy that befell the Petit family in 2007 and as a matter of political necsessity, I understand the need to "do something" that all pols feel is required in this stituation. I just dont really buy that these measure would have made one iota of difference in this situation.

Let's be frank. Crimes like these defy all logic. Nothing like this has ever, to my knowledge, happened in this State. Criminals like these alleged two perpetrators defy logic and are completely unpredicatble.

Update the statutes. Enact new laws. But dont fool yourselves that you can legislate against a lightning strike.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Governor Rell Appoints New Worker's Compensation Commissioner

The Connecticut Worker;s Compensation Commission is tonight reporting that Governor Rell has appointed Jodi M. Gregg, a Fairfield County attorney in private practice to be the latest worker's compensation commissioner. The author welcomes Commissioner Gregg to her new role and wishes her all the best in her new career.

To the Governor: There are so many highly qualified attorneys in this State that actually have worker's compensation experience. Why are you again and again appointing commissioners that have no experience in the field and face a very very steep learning curve?

::Shakes head::

Friday, January 4, 2008

How Quickly They Forget

Back in the Spring of 2007 I settled a sizable worker's comp case for a client that had followed me from my old firm. I sent him my usual thank you note at the conclusion of his case and heard nothing further from him until last month when he called me out of the blue and told me that he wanted to apply for Social Security Disability and wanted my help.

I gladly agreed to go out to his home to meet with him as he was recovering from back surgery. In the course of the interview, he mentioned to me that he had been in a car accident a few months previously and had hired one of the attorneys that advertises on the CT Transit busses. I asked why he hadn't contacted me and I got the answer that every lawyer fears: "I didn't know you took that kind of case."

Unfortunately for him, he is now unhappy with his current PI lawyer who does not return his calls and does not seem to be "up" on the details of his case (sound familiar?). Unfortunately for me, I am out one accident case that I would have been thrilled to have.

The moral is that I need to remember to continually stay in touch with my clients, letting them know I am thinking of them and keeping fresh in their minds. I handle so many different kinds of legal matters. If only this client had known that, both he and I would be happier today.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

This Bears Rebroadcasting...

My friend in the solo trenches, Susan Cartier Liebel, has an article in her blog today that is worth a read. The Connecticut Statewide Greivance panel, that entity which oversees those of us lawyering on your behlaf, implemented strict regulations on lawyer advertising back in July 2007. The impact is just now beginning to shake out , but be aware that the words we convey to you are being watched, and in some cases altered, by those that think they know more than you do about making your own decsions....

No Such Thing As a Free Lunch?

This week's Connecticut Law Tribune is reporting that lawyers are coming under increasing scrutiny for answering questions on line in such venues as blogs, Linked In, Myspace and other social networking sites. The harm, it seems, is that in the even a member of the public reads something the lawyer has written, and then acts upon it, with unforseen adverse results, then the lawyer has opened him or herself up to a malpractice claim.

My opinion? This is freakin' nuts. Do we really need to tell people that they are not our client just because we answer their question on a blog or forum? I'm literally sitting here shaking my head in disbelief with how messed up things have gotten in this country.

Sad, sad, sad...