Friday, October 31, 2008

Wait time statistics For Hartford Social Security Cases

NOSSCR reports the most recent processing time for hearings before an ALJ in Hartford is 375 days. That is 17th best in the Nation. To put things in perspective, the shortest wait time is in Houston at 283 days, and the longest is Chicago at 712 days---close to two years.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jim Pomeranz This Year's Pomeranz-O'Brien Award Recipient

Attorney James L. Pomeranz of Glasonbury's Pomeranz Drayton and Stabnick was the recipient of this year's Pomeranz O'Brien Award given by the Worker's Compensation Section of the Connecticut Bar to a member for their outstanding contributions to the field of worker's compensation law. The award was presnted to a standing ovation by those of us attending tonight's Worker's Compensation Section dinner meeting.

The award is named after Jim's father, the late Edward Pomeranz (for whom my own dad worked, many years ago) and the late Ed O'Brien, Sr., a great practitioner in the field of worker's compensation who also served the State as a Compensation Commissioner for many years before his death.

I have known Jim for 21 years in my practice of worker's compensation and can think of no finer recipient for this award. Jim has always been a true gentleman and scholar in my dealings with him, both as a friend and as an adversary. He is a rare breed in the practice of law today---a man who can be taken at his word.

My heartfelt congratulations to "Jimmy P" for this well deserved honor. Jim, you do the bar, and especially those of us practicing in the realm of worker's compensation law proud

Tuesday, October 7, 2008