Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Berlin Speeding Tragedy Leads to Lengthy Jail Time

A New Britain man convicted in a crash that killed five people was sentenced to 79 years in prison Wednesday.

Kevin Cales, 34, who has an extensive criminal history, was accused of chasing his 21-year-old ex-girlfriend Maryneliz Jimenez on Chamberlin Highway in Berlin in May 2006. She had four passengers with her and prosecutors said speeds reached more than 100 mph. Her car hit a grove of trees and split in half before bursting into flames.

Something like this is just such a pointless loss. 5 people are gone and one young man will spend the rest of his productive life behind bars. There is nothing that can really make this situation right. The loss of a loved one under circumstances like these will however, in addition to criminal penalties, provide legal grounds for a civil lawsuit to recovery monetary damages for your loss.

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