Monday, February 9, 2009

Appellate Court Refuses to Go Postal

In Lopa vs. Brinker International, (12/30/2008) our Appellate Court has given Connecticut worker's comp lawyers yet one more reason to run for the door when we hear the words "United States Postal Service." Not only are Postal worker injury cases not subject to Connecticut worker's compensation law, but now, the Court has instructed that the wages one earns while concurrently employed by the USPS are not included in the average weekly wage of a postal worker injured while performing a second job at an employer other than the Post Office.

Concurrent wage cases fall within the gambit of advanced topics in Connecticut Worker's compensation law. If you have concurrent wages (i.e. a second job) and are injured with either employer, I am happy to help you explain your rights. Feel free to call the firm at any time with your questions.

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