Friday, August 14, 2009


As I have posted here before, I subscribe to the legendary Norm Pattis' view that being a lawyer is a punishing way to make a living. This is, in my view, especially true of worker's compensation claimant's attorneys. My clients are stressed. They are in pain. They need treatment and are being denied. They wait weeks for checks or for hearings or for settlements that are promised but are somehow elusive. And they call. A lot.

I like talking to my clients. I am empathetic by nature and have chosen this course to feed my family by helping those who are hurting.

But it takes it's toll on the lawyer too. It is not easy being on the front line day in and day out. I am ready for some well deserved time off. Life is about balance and right now I need some Yin to offset the Yan. I will of course call in and handle any true crises that errupt. I have a solo practice and that goes with the territory. But I need to unwind. Go out on the boat. Play the guitar. Talk to my wife and have ice cream with my kids. I need to recharge so I can do my best for you.

In the meantime, Maggie will mind the store.

Catch you in about a week.

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