Friday, October 29, 2010

Six Hours Well Spent: The Medical Education of a Connecticut Workers Comp Lawyer

The neurosurgeons and orthopedists at Neurosurgery Orthopedics Spine Specialists (NOSS) in Waterbury, together with two of their colleagues at Orthopedic Associates of Hartford were kind enough to dedicate their day to educating 100 or so of us lawyers toiling in the fields of Connecticut Workers Compensation Law as to the intricacies of diagnosing cervical spine (neck) problems and shoulder injuries. These knowledgeable professionals shared their opinions on the anatomy of both the neck and the shoulder, radio graphic studies, and operative and non operative treatment modalities to work related neck and/or shoulder injuries. It was a wonderful and rewarding experience. I hope to take nuggets of what I learned today and go forward, better able to represent my Connecticut workers in these complicated but common workplace injuries.


Disability Claim said...

Can that kind of health problems lead to disability for which a patient can apply for SSDI?

James F. Aspell said...