Tuesday, April 21, 2015

If You Have Been injured on the job please read this

In Q1 of 2015 our office has resolved and settled a great number of high value worker's compensation claims. We have also been blessed to take on several important new cases both directly and on referral from other Connecticut Attorneys who trust us for our 30 years of experience in Connecticut worker's compensation law. If you have been hurt at work or suffered a heart attack or stroke that may be related to your job, I would be happy to speak with you at no charge. If I can help you, I will do so with all my ability. If i cannot, I will tell you that as well. That is my promise to you


Specialist in Personal Injury Law said...

Nice Information share. I like your post

shirlsw12 said...

It amazes me how many people get injured while working, and then never get it resolved. it can definitely be a difficult experience to not only be hurt, but to also miss work, and I know that a lot of people try to minimize those issues as much as they can. Hopefully they can find better ways to do this though. If they make a claim, then they can be compensated, and hopefully more people will reach out for help and try that to make things work out in the best way possible.

Christopher Howell said...

My dad was actually hurt pretty bad on the job and he hasn't been recovering much. He hasn't actually gotten any workers compensation for the pain he has endured. I think I'll have to come to you and see about getting worker's compensation. http://www.kimfarnerinsurance.com