Friday, January 23, 2009

Denied Your Private Disability Insurance Claim? Read This!

Oftentimes Employees are protected by a Long Term Disability Policy by their employer. A premium payment is taken out of their paycheck for this protection which is designed to pay the worker a weekly benefit should you be unable to work on account of an injury or illness after a certain period of time---typically 180 days. This LTD insurance, as it is called, is a separate and distinct benefit from worker's compensation coverage which is a statutory benefit.

One company offering such a plan is the Unum Insurance Company, also known as Unum Provident. Allegations have been made that Unum has been unilaterally and improperly denying LTD claims for employees thatr should be entitled to receive this this coverage.

If you have been injured or taken ill on the job and have a LTD policy offered by Unum or Unum Provident, and your claim has been denied, check out this website. When you talk to these folks, tell them I referred you.

In the meantime, if you have questions relating to Connecticut worker's compensation or personal injury claim, contact our office.


The Life Insurer said...

This is great information, especially for someone who is looking at applying
for disability insurance. How the company pays claims is just as important as the language in the disability policy. It's wise to do your research on both counts.

life insurance broker said...

Good article. The problem of disability insurance - it is the most misused insurance (when we talk about human life related insurance, not property), so insurance companies are very careful (it's much harder to fake your death than disability). On the other hand, it's suspicious when ONE company is denying claims one after another. Such companies have to go out of the market!
Take care