Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rumour Fueled Assualt on Homosexual Co-Worker provides Lurid fact pattern but predictable result

In a recently released decision, the CRB was called upon to determine whether or not the trial Commissioner had erred when he found that an assault on a homosexual restaurant worker by a fellow employee after- hours was not compensable within the language of the Connecticut Worker's Coimpensation Act. According to the reported facts in Hernandez v. Pizzaria 101 and Family, The claimant was attacked in a parking lot after work one evening by a fellow employee who had evidently heard a rumour that the Claimant was having a homosexual relationship with the attacker. The rumour reportedly got back to the attacker's hometown in Mexico, where the attacker's girlfriend got wind of it and was not surprisingly distressed.

Despite the vivid and somewhat intriguing fact pattern, the case really just stands for the axiomatic proposition in Connecticut worker's compensation law that assaults by co-worker's (no matter how intriguing the circumstances) and any other manner of workplace brawl or tomfoolery are not compensable under our Act.

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