Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Physician heal thyself

There is an epidemic of Connecticut orthopedists, primarily back guys, who do not wish to get involved in helping injured Connecticut workers if their injury is over a year old. I'm sorry. Did they tell you there was a one year limitation period on helping people when you went to medical school? If I ran the Connecticut worker's compensation commission I would send these practices a strongly worded letter indicating that if they wish to be allowed to treat worker's comp injuries, they need to take all comers. If I picked and chose my clients the way these guys do, most of them would find themselves without a lawyer, and that's not something I will let happen. If you need a Hartford, Connecticut worker's comp lawyer, give us a call. I will help you out.

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Stave Bentod said...

The Claimant did not challenge the notification of suspension or grieve the firing.
In October he filed a reinstatement petition and in
December he filed a review petition to add additional physical and psychological injuries

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